Pizuya's Cell - Piano albums [flac]

  • Жанр: Piano, Touhou
  • Общая продолжительность: 11H:33M:00S
  • Официальный сайт: pizuya.com
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Unitone - 34 релиза [flac]

  • Жанр: Electronic, Progressive Trance, Progressive House
  • Общая продолжительность: 28H:00M:31S
  • Официальный сайт: unitone.fm
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Demetori - 13 релизов [flac]

  • Жанр: Math Rock, Progressive Metal
  • Общая продолжительность: 08H:42M:05S
  • Официальный сайт: demetori.xii.jp
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春ねむり (Haru Nemuri) Discography

Genre: J-Pop, Hip-Hop, Noise Pop, Noise Rock, Post-Hardcore, Art Rock
Audio Codec/Bitrate: MP3 (320kbps)

Haru Nemuri (春ねむり, born January 10, 1995) is a singer-songwriter, poet, rapper, and music producer from Yokohama. She started her music career at age 17 performing synthesizer as one half of 行方不明.

official site | youtube | instagram | twitter
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暁Records - 40 релизов [flac]

  • Годы выпуска: 2012-2019
  • Кодек: FLAC
  • Жанр: Touhou, Rock, Pop, Vocal
  • Продолжительность: 18H:47M:59S
  • Официальный сайт: akatsuki-records.com
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AramiTama (荒御霊) - 57 релизов [flac]

  • Годы выпуска: 2007-2018
  • Жанр: Electronic / Techno, House, Ambient
  • Кодек: FLAC
  • Продолжительность: ~75H
  • Официальный сайт: arami.rdy.jp
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Genre: Synthpop, Darkwave, Power Metal, Gothic, Heavy Metal, Black Metal, Electronic
Audio Codec/Bitrate: MP3 (320kbps) / AAC (V0)

NECRONOMIDOL are a five piece alternative idol group from Tokyo, Japan, inspired heavily by black metal, power metal and darkwave.

Members Kakizaki Risaki (柿崎李咲) (Original Member)
Imaizumi Rei (今泉怜) (Joined November 2, 2016)
Tsukishiro Himari (月城ひまり) (Joined January 5, 2017)
Kenbishi Kunogi (剣菱くのぎ) (Joined January 13, 2019)
Michelle (みしぇる) (Joined January 13, 2019)

Kaede (Original Member, Left April 8, 2014)
Nagata Kagura (Original Member, Left April 8, 2014)
Miyano Aisa (Original Member, Left April 19, 2014)
Maeda Rio (Original Member, Left May 5, 2014 due to poor health)
Henmei Setsuko (逸見静羅) (Original Member, Graduated January 9, 2015)
Tachibana Ruu (橘涙雨) (Original Member, Graduated April 16, 2015)
Kusaka Karen (久坂華恋) (Joined May 11, 2015, Graduated October 16, 2016)
Tsukumo Hotaru (九十九ほたる) (Joined January 9, 2015, Graduated November 29, 2016)
Sari (瑳) (Original Member, Graduated January 7, 2019)
Yotsuyu Hina (夜露ひな) (Joined May 11, 2015, Graduated January 7, 2019)

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Kajiba no majo

Автор: Koishi Chikasa

Детектив Касуми и её ассистент Атори, расследуют дело о множественной пропаже человеческих девочек. Что с ними случилось, никто не знает. Пока.

ヒステリックパニック (Hysteric Panic) Discography (Не полная)

Жанр: Hardcore, Metalcore, Math Metal, Alternative Metal

Аудиокодек: MP3 / AAC
Битрейт: 128-320 kbps


Formed in Nagoya in 2013, Hysteric Panic (or «hisupani» for short) have taken the budding hardcore scene by storm with their very energetic performance and fresh sound.

Members: Dr. やっち (Dr. Yacchi) / Vo. とも (Vo. Tomo) / Gt,Vo. Tack朗 (Gt,Vo. Tackrou) / Ba. おかっち (Ba. Okacchi) / Gt,Chor. $EIGO (Gt,Chor. $EIGO)

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Lolistyle Gabbers Discography | Artist/Label

Genre: Electronic
Style: Lolicore, Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Speedcore, Gabber, Tribecore, Hardtek, Frenchcore
Country: Japan

Аудио кодек: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps

Lolicore alias of Dustvoxx (aka Dustboxx, Dustboxxxx, or Alicephonik).
He runs a label that goes by the same name.


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