FLOATING SYNC - 5 релизов [flac]

  • Годы выпуска: 1999-2017
  • Жанр: Electronic / Techno, Minimal Techno
  • Кодек: FLAC
  • Продолжительность: 05H:52M:34S
  • Официальный сайт: fsx.sblo.jp
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KPDrecords - 23 релизa [flac/mp3]

  • Годы выпуска: 2007-2016
  • Жанр: Electronic / IDM, Ambient
  • Кодек: FLAC
  • Продолжительность: 11H:48M:16S
  • Официальный сайт: N/A
  • Доп. информация: Discogs
  • Источник: annachan@astost EX
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Дискография UNDEAD CORPORATION [flac]

  • Годы выпуска: 2010-2017
  • Жанр: Melodic Death Metal, Touhou
  • Кодек: FLAC
  • Официальный сайт: undeadcorporation.com
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Atelier Marie + Elie (PS2) (ENG-Patch)

Год: 2005
Жанр: Role-playing
Разработчик: Gust
Издательство: Gust
Платформа: PS2
Регион: NTSC-J
Текст: JPN / ENG
Звук: JPN
Источник: Atelier Traduction

Salburg is home to the famous Salburg Academy, which specializes in the studies of alchemy. The school is revered as producing some of the best alchemists on the entire continent.
The game's main protagonist Marie is getting the worst grades in Salburg Academy's history. Despite her embarrassment, Marie consantly tries to improve herself, but also constantly fails. Miserably failing at alchemy, her instructor Ingrid decides that Marie needs to be taught with unconventional methods.
Ingrid allows Marie to open her own workshop to practice her alchemy outside of class while still continuing her studies. Marie will have five years to create an item using the skills she has learned through alchemy. If Marie is able to create an item that is to Ingrid's satisfaction, Marie will graduate in five years' time.

Для запуска игры через OPL необходимо включить MODE 1 («Load alt. core»).

AramiTama (荒御霊) - 56 релизов [flac]

  • Годы выпуска: 2007-2018
  • Жанр: Electronic / Techno, House, Ambient
  • Кодек: FLAC
  • Продолжительность: ~73H
  • Официальный сайт: arami.rdy.jp
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Shinseiki Evangelion: Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku with Asuka Hokan Keikaku (PS2)

Год: 2003
Жанр: Strategy
Разработчик: West One
Издательство: Broccoli
Платформа: PS2
Регион: NTSC-J
Текст: JPN
Звук: JPN

In Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku, the player takes on the role of a NERV officer who has just been assigned to Tokyo-3. Upon meeting with Commander Gendo Ikari, he is charged with taking care of the First Child, the mysterious Evangelion pilot Rei Ayanami. It is up to the player to decide Ayanami's weekly schedule, balancing between education, duties at NERV, and leisure. The game spans approximately one year, and includes the events of the entire anime series, as well as the movie The End of Evangelion.