Feline Groove - 15 релизов [ape/flac/tak/tta/mp3]

  • Годы выпуска: 2002-2011
  • Жанр: Electronic / Various
  • Официальный сайт: felinegroove.shop-pro.jp
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WAVE - 41 релиз [flac]

  • Годы выпуска: 2002-2014
  • Жанр: Electronic / Various
  • Кодек: FLAC
  • Официальный сайт: circle-wave.net
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Digital Devil Saga 1+2 (Undub) [PS2]

Год: 2005
Жанр: Role-playing
Разработчик: Atlus
Издательство: Atlus
Платформа: PS2
Тип дампа: ISO
Регион: NTSC-U
Текст: ENG
Звук: JPN
Страница патча: DDS / DDS2

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga follows Serf and his four companions as they set out for Nirvana, a land that can only be reached by the champions of Junkyard. A mysterious object awakens demonic powers within the group, allowing each member to transform into a deadly beast. As one of these characters, you can devour your enemies and absorb their powers and special abilities. Defeat opposing tribes by protecting yourself from enemy attacks, deflecting their blows, and performing linked attacks.

Final Fantasy VII (Retranslation) [PSX2PSP]

Год: 1997
Жанр: Role-playing
Разработчик: Squaresoft
Издательство: Squaresoft
Платформа: PSP
Тип дампа: PSX2PSP
Регион: NTSC-U
Текст: ENG
Страница патча: ROMhacking

Beacause is a Final Fantasy VII relocalization. It is a complete retranslation and relocalization from the ground up, using the original Japanese script. The aim is to have an end product that is accurate and professional. Official sources have been used to minimize errors in context and spelling. The project's name «Beacause» comes from a misspelling (in the original localization) of the only line spoken by Jenova.
Key Features:
  • Translated and localized from the ground up.
  • All text updated.
  • Option to keep original character names and series canon.
  • Option for American English (as opposed to British English).
  • Some unused dialogue reinstated.
  • — Two Scenes, accidentally missing in original game, reinstated (Gongaga, Corel Bridge).

Final Fantasy X HD Remaster (Undub+PS2BGM) [PS2]

Год: 2014
Жанр: Role-playing
Разработчик: Virtuos
Издательство: Square Enix
Платформа: PS Vita
Тип дампа: NoNpDRM + rePatch
Регион: NTSC-U
Текст: ENG
Звук: JPN

Enter a fantasy world where humans are on the brink of extinction. In this all-new Final Fantasy RPG, you must stop a powerful force called «Sin» that destroys cities and lives. Along your journey, you will meet Tidus--a star blitzball player--and Yuna--a young woman with who is skilled in summoning and controlling aeons — powerful spirits of yore. Final Fantasy X is the first Final Fantasy game to feature voiceovers with advanced facial expressions. Travel to uncharted seas and treacherous lands in a quest to save mankind.
Для запуска на 3.65 enso необходим плагин rePatch.

Альбом ☆ 24EFFECTS ☆ [flac]

Год выхода: 2009 (M3-23)
Жанр: Electronic / Various
Кодек: FLAC
Тип рипа: tracks+cue+log
Продолжительность: 01H:08M:46S
VGMdb: 24CD-0001

01. ゆうゆ — white pool // 4:47
02. kiichi — Neon Flower // 3:57
03. iroha — ON THE AIR IN THE AIR // 5:26
04. ゆうゆ — endleSSStation // 4:32
05. kiichi — Dark Ages // 3:29
06. kiichi — 8bit brain // 3:53
07. kuma+iroha — 9 A.M // 4:32
08. ゆうゆ — disregard // 5:19
09. cosMo — Madotsuki in Wonderland // 5:04
10. iroha — drip of // 4:18
11. kiichi — I can't, it's hopeless // 3:20
12. iroha — This way, Mr. Demon // 2:15
13. kiichi — mars resident // 2:59
14. ゆうゆ — Escape Flight // 8:28
15. iroha — The Day the Diary Closed // 6:27