Eiyuu Densetsu: Zero no Kiseki Evolution (ENG-Patch) [PS Vita]

Год: 2012
Жанр: Role-playing
Разработчик: Pyramid
Издательство: Falcom
Платформа: PS Vita
Тип дампа: Mai
Регион: NTSC-J
Текст: ENG
Звук: JPN
Страница патча: GBAtemp

The game takes place in Crossbell City, a city where light and darkness are together, as well as locations arround it. Crossbell City takes place far from the setting of Sora no Kiseki, Liberl Kingdom, in a land northeast of the Erebonian Empire. The buildings, roads, as well as most of the NPCs' clothings, are more onto that of 1960's, but with a mix of what China Town would look like in certain places. There are also elements that were not in Sora no Kiseki games, such as the Police Department, cars, and a strip club. The transportation system will be riding trains or busses, but no Airliner like in the past Sora no Kiseki games.
Порт утекшего перевода PSP-версии на PS Vita.

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